35th Reunion Yey or Ney

Hey, it's Kristin Cox Davis.

Hey class of 1985.  We are old, I  mean prepping for our 35 th high school reunion next Sept. 2020.  There will be events all weekend and a final party jean attire on a Saturday.  Dates and times to be announced soon.  I want all of 1985 to be there.  Even our friends who attended school but didnt graduate with us.  Yes that means you Anita Jensen and others.

Most of you are thinking who is Kristin Cox Davis, hahaha!!??Well I just attended my little sister's 30th Hinsdale Central reunion in September and all I could think of was.... HELL YA, I CAN DO THIS.  Soooo if you want to have fun, reunite with the class of '85, arranged for sitters for your grand kids, dogs, cows, goats, chickens and donkey...then this chill reunion is for you.  No need to be fancy schmancy but I did have a classmate who wanted to strut a tux go for it Mike and Carolyn Braun. We will be comfy in our jeans.  

I will keep you updated when I know more info.  But please come.  I am open to any new suggestions.  Trying to make this fun for everyone!!  

Have a great weekend!

Kristin Cox Davis