35th High School Reunion Yay Or Nay

Hello Class of 85 friends.

Hey old classmates (yes I can say that cuz we are older, but more seasoned).  Remember me??? Kristin Cox, now Kristin Davis.  I have honestly volunteered to organize our 35th high school reuniotn.  I was my sister's date (aka wing chick) for her 30th this past fall in Hinsdale.  I had so much fun, everyone did because it was a "normal" gathering of classmates. The event was personal, it was real and I was so glad to have been a part of that class of 89 reunion.   Personally I had more fun than them cuz I was Rachael's big sister, hahaha. 

So, here is my reasoning for "doing this".  

1.  We are 8 years to being 60

2.  Our kids are almost grown up or at least almost 18 (Mine are  31, 30, 21)

3.  We have our kids to dog sit and farm sit the critters (oh wait that's me)

4.  When was the last time we've been in downtown Hinsdale (wow it has changed)!

5.  Life is too short, so shake hands with those you never did in high school and hug a fellow classmate cuz now you can!

6.  This will be the memory of a life time, better than your memories of what Hinsdale "was". 

I am doing a simple survey of wanting to know if you would like to have a 35th high school reunion this year end of Sept. 2020.  Dates will be announced when I know them.  In the past many activities have been organized by the class of 85 reunion team. I am focusing on the  Saturday night (casual event),TBA.

I want every classmate to come, whether you liked Hinsdale Central or not.  I will have a special table for venting about our highschool pasts if needed.  Here is my reason to get this reunion together. 

A.  I want to see my friends, all of you. 

B.  After losing my husband I then decided that this is it, we only die once but live everyday!!

C.   You literally have 6-8 months to get your life in order to attend this weekend.  If I can do this from GA, so can you.  And I really hope you all will make an effort to come say "Hey to your classmates of "85)

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1)   After reading my prep talk above, do you plan on attending our 35th High school reunion?

Yes No